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Episode 20: Life on the Edge

Posted by Tom Bemiller on May 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Tom Bemiller

Life on the Edge: An Entrepreneur’s Story of Survival during COVID-19

Life on the Edge is my story about surviving COVID-19 as an entrepreneur and small business owner outside of Philadelphia. I started documenting the happenings of each day about two weeks into lock down so that when I look back on this time I will be able to remember it for exactly what it is. 

My goal with Life on the Edge is to provide an inside look into a small business struggling to survive, my first major crisis as a leader, and ultimately the process of saving a small company during a global disaster. I hope that by sharing my experience I might help other entrepreneurs and business owners during this time. 

In Episode 20, I talk about the challenges of staying on task during these incredibly uncertain and chaotic times. Each morning I take time to plan my day - review my calendar, organize my task list, prepare for my Daily Huddle, etc. - and almost without fail, by mid-morning something has popped up that requires immediate attention or action. These "pop fly's" can derail your whole day if you aren't careful, and staying productive requires focus and clear prioritization to ensure attention is being given to the most important items. 

In this Episode, you will also hear about how I am approaching difficult conversations, particularly those with vendors. My strategy is to be open, honest, and proactive. Open about our current circumstances and the impact COVID-19 has had on the business; honest about what I can do right now; and proactive so they know I am not hiding or evading. Come to think of it, that same strategy should apply to all conversations with all people all the time!



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