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Episode 14: Life on the Edge

Posted by Tom Bemiller on May 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Tom Bemiller


Life on the Edge is my story about surviving COVID-19 as a small business owner and entrepreneur outside Philadelphia. I started documenting the happenings of each day about two weeks into the mandatory lock-down so that when I look back on this time I will be able to remember it for exactly what it is. 

My goal with Life on the Edge is to provide a inside look into a small business struggling to survive, my first major crisis as a leader, and ultimately the process of saving a distressed company during a global disaster. I hope that by sharing my experience, I might help other entrepreneurs and business owners during this difficult time.

In Episode 14 of Life on the Edge, I discuss building relationships with potential strategic partners, and the importance of adaptability and prioritizing in the face of chaos. It seems that every day a number of things pop up that require immediate attention, and that can be overwhelming and lead to inefficient work. While it's true that we have to have a certain amount of flexibility during times of great uncertainty, it is critical to remain focused on priorities in order to keep the company moving forward and making progress. 



Topics: COVID-19

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